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Hey all, how’s you?

Now I feel like a blogger! I don’t think you can really be accepted into the lifestyle blogger category until you’ve done a homeware haul.

Anyway, all summer, Mama has been campaigning for me to decorate my room; I wasn’t that bothered really but she insisted so I ended up caving. We decided to go the homeware store of all homeware stores in France (other than Ikea) called Maison Du Monde. I don’t even know what an English version of that would be but it’s basically a massive chain full of really cute homeware that you kind of can’t go to without buying something because OMG EVERYTHING’S SO PRETTY! (And they have all the rose gold and copper everything and it soothes my soul, I’m not going to lie)

I also wanted to apoligize for the lack of links to the things but I’ve now found out that the Maison Du Monde site is shit. I’ll keep checking and add them if they add them eventually.


Vintage Chair Jewelry Cup

I’ve wanted a jewelry cup for ages because generally I wear the same jewelry everyday so it’s kind of silly to keep having to put it in my jewelry box every time. And I won’t lose them. I constantly lose jewelry it’s ridiculous, so hopefully this will help me avoid that.

Mini Globe

I just found this damn cute.  I have no other reason.

Gold Origami Swan

Again, just damn cute. I need a name for him – any ideas?


Old Fashionned Map Canvas

I’ve been looking for something to put on my wall for ages (I have a Charlie Chaplin print but it’s freaky and I feel like he’s looking at me in the dark) and I saw this and was sold. Writing this now I realise I look like I have a bit of a map/globe theme going on don’t I?

Round Glass Light Shade

I’ve never actually thought about buying a light shade. I don’t exactly make a habit of staring at my light – come to think of it, I rarely actually use it – but when I saw this I found it really sweet and I kind of couldn’t stop myself from picking it up. (I don’t yet have a photo of it though – sorry).


Bed Throw

Right, this purchase I entirely blame Dodie from doddleoddle for. She was talking about moving into her new appartment and her new room and, tl;dr, she has bought some bedding and a bed throw that I just found adorable. So I decided to buy one myself. This one’s really soft but not too soft (that makes 0 sense I swear to god), and it just thick enough that you can pull it over you on a colder night but not so you feel like you’ve got a second duvet on top of you.

White Bed Sheets

Mama also decided I needed some new bedding, so we went to the nearesr Gifi (again a french shop that stocks everything from bedding to sextoys to bikes – I wish I was joking, tbh) and picked up some simple white bedding that *kind* of looks like hospital sheets when it’s not with-duvet.


Fairy Lights

I have been fighting for fairy lights for about a year now and I’ve got them! They’re so pretty and honestly make my bed so fucking Pinterest it makes me want to weep.

Now my room looks adorable and it literally makes my heart feel all warm and fuzzy. Good.

Matti x

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Autumn Fashion | Matti May Hardie

Hey all, how’s you?

France is the worst for transitions between seasons. It’s always cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon, but then it take the piss and decides to be cold all day or hot all day – basically it gets to the point where you don’t know what to wear for best. However, fear not, because I think I’ve cracked it. And today, I’m going to share that with you.

I did my best to link everything I could find but apoligies for the certain lack of links, nonetheless.

Jumper, Vest, Jeans, Converse


You could probably get away with a pair of combat boots on colder days but generally speaking I’ll wear a pair of converse with this outfit. I like it because you can just whip the jumper off if you get too hot, which is always good seeing as the weather never knows what it’s doing.

Shirt (cheaper version here), Suspender Skirt, Tights, Combat Boots


This is cuuute. Whenever I wear this skirt I never fail to feel absolutely adorable and like a little schoolgirl if I’m wearing it with my converses or my Derbys. Anyway, this is super comfortable, just warm enough to not feel like your tits are going to drop off, but enough so you don’t feel the need to cover it with a massive coat. Also, this shirt will definitely on my wishlist because hot damn.

Shirt, Black Jeans, Leather Jacket, Creepers


This is a really old photo but this is basically the outfit. I really love this outfit and shall be trying my best to recreate it asap.

Jumper, Boyfriend Jeans, Combat Boots


I generally wear this for college. They’re insanely comfortable and looks just presentable enough for me to not seem like a total slob.

These are basically my top 4 outfits for autumn and only really wear them all the time. Fun times.


What’s your autumn fashion essential?

Matti x

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What’s In My Bag – College Edition | Matti May Hardie

Hey all, how’s you?

I’ve become one of those bloggers apparently. The kind that talks about school. Fun times. *whispers* Kill me now…


In all seriousness, I wrote one of these ages ago for what I had in my carry on when I went to England (I refuse to link to it because it’s horrendous) and had rather enjoyed writing it, so I figured I’d do the same with for my school bag. But this is more a realistic one, and there’s not going to be 60 things because let’s be real here – your back is too precious to stuff your bag silly with things.

My bag is always a good place to start. I’ve had my bag since I was 13 and it’s taty but it does the job. It’s from EastPak, which is pretty much the place to go to buy rucksacks in France. They’re fairly pricey in my opinion, but the quality really makes it worth it. (I don’t think they stock this colour anymore though). I did have a handbag last year but it’s a lot more impractical to only be able to carry it on one shoulder, especially when I have my laptop in there.

I’m going to start with the big pocket at the front.

The biggest and most space consuming thing in there is a really fucking old Cath Kidston bag, that has my contact lenses box in it even though I don’t wear my contact lens anymore; some ibuprofen in a beaten up little box I got from New York and kept for practicality; a teeny-weeny pot of face cream (Inell Face and Body Cream though I wouldn’t recommend it) that I decanted from the big pot because I’ve been ill recently and have been blowing my nose a lot, so I decided to have this handy to avoid a really sexy dry nose; my memory stick, which I use mainly for films and TV shows to watch in free periods; plasters in case my shoes rub me (which they do a lot, beware, Derby wearers). I’ll usually have a mascara (Bobbi Brown sample more often than not) and maybe an eyeliner thrown in there too for good measure but they’re currently in my make-up bag instead.

Then I have a sanitary towel because, you know, menstrual cycle; my deodorant, Axe Provocation because it smells just amazing and I find that guy’s deodorant smells better than girls’? My lunch card; a pack of menthol Luckies because yes, I smoke, no, I don’t necessarily endorse it, but I do, and I said I’d show you what I had in my bag, and this is something I have in my bag. Bref, then I have multiple bus tickets and coach receits because I just shove them in there are proceed to forget about them. Finally, I’ll generally put my earphones in there too, for safe keeping.

In the bigger pocket, I have my purse because you never know when you’re going to need to buy something, also the Cappuccinos at my school’s coffee machine are the one and I can never make them as nice as it makes them; a manga because I get bored and it’s nice to have something you don’t need to look at a screen for – I’m currently reading ‘Saint Young Men’ and it’s not quite as blasphemous as it sounds; a notepad because I’m always having ideas I need to jot down and I can’t always tear out pieces of my books because if not I’m going to end up with no books for my lessons and a shit ton of little pieces of paper with crap jotted on them; then my pencil case, for obvious reasons; crayons, again, obvious reasons. I have a certain lack of textbooks, more like an absence of them because we don’t have any in my form, and also of textbooks because I have a sorter instead and I bloody love it.

Depending on the day I’ll have my laptop in there too.  It’s a Macbook Air and it’s a constant source of stress for me as I’m constantly scared I’m going to get it stolen but it’s worth it if I can get some blogging done during free-periods. I also have my phone charger (though at the moment it is someone else’s because I’m having 0 luck charger-wise), and a water bottle because hydration and I refuse to get dry skin and lips just because I’m at college. I also have a French copy of ‘The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones’ for an assignment at school. Finally, I have my new love, Le Petit Marseillais ‘Hydrating Hand Cream’ and it’s a miracle worker! I put it on last night and this morning my hands were so. fucking. soft. I wanted to weep. And I’m a maniac when it comes to my hands so yeah.


I hope you enjoyed having a little nosey in my school bag. What’s your schoolbag essential?

Matti x

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8 Things They Don’t Tell You About Coming Out | Matti May Hardie

Hey all, how’s you?

Today I’m talking about LGBT stuff! I has been thinking about it in the shower and decided to make a blog post about it, because there are a lot of things that people don’t tell you about coming out. The more mundane things, and the slightly more negative things too. I get why people don’t necessarily talk about this side of coming out but I still think it needs to be talked about nonetheless.


I’m keeping it just lesbian related because I’m talking about mine and my two other lesbian friends (Chloé and Marion – follow them on Insta, they’re hot) personal experiences.

1/ Coming Out Is A Constant Process

I figured I’d start with the most common one. A lot of people say it but you never actually realise just how true it is until you do come out. To be honest, before coming out, to me I was just going to tell my parents and my best friend (the three I was the most worried about) and then end of. But actually no. I’m constantly coming out to people, and generally people don’t actually, even after a year.

2/ Your Friends’ Boyfriends Will Never Truely Trust You 100%

I mean, they don’t necessarily say it to your face or even ever out loud, but you can feel it sometimes. That’s just a side-effect, sadly. It’s just men, really. They’re generally insecure because they’re convinced you’re going to try and put the moves on their girlfriend.

3/ Gay-dar exists!

I know a lot of people are skeptical about if the gay-dar exists or not. I can guarantee to you that you just know when some people are gay. You can feel it in your bones.

4/ All Lesbians Know Each Other And Everyone’s Connected Through Exes.

You know that theory that everyone’s connected by 7 people or less? Well that’s actually true for lesbians. You’ve either dated the same person or you know that person, and if not, you have a friend who has a friend who knows them, or their ex has a friend that knows them – I mean, you get my gist. It’s actually kind of ridiculous.

5/ You Underestimate The Weight That Lifts Off Your Shoulders After You Come Out

All three of us are adamant on this point. Everyone tells you it’s a weight off your shoulders, but you never realise just how much. It’s not even explainable but trust me that it’s true. You shall see.

6/ Ruby Rose Is So Fucking Hot

I mean this is just a pretty obvious fact. But I had to. It’s so unfair.

7/ You’re Happier Dating Someone After

It’s just easier to date someone. You’re not scared of going on a date for fear of someone you know seeing you, or you’re not scared that someone will go through your phone and see your messages or something like that.

8/ There Will Be Times Where You’ll Question Your Sexuality

It’s totally normal to have moments of doubt and times where you think “hold on, am I really *insert sexuality here*? Or am I just delusional and lying to myself and now I’m so stubborn I don’t want to admit it to myself?” – when these thoughts come, don’t panic. It’s fine, you’re not alone. And also, lesbians, chill, you’re aloud to find guys attractive, and if you want to date a guy? You can date a guy. Your label isn’t the be-all and end-all. You can date and speak with whoever you want.

Thanks to my friend Elisa for the photo.

Matti x

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Can You Be Successful Without Following The Crowd? | Matti May Hardie

Hey all, how’s you?

This is something that I have been thinking over for a while now, and was really bought to the forefront of my mind when I wondered if I should take to putting tags on my posts on Bloglovin’ like everyone else was. This one of my conclusion-less posts where I’m just thinking at the same time that I’m writing.

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

I strive to be different. Whether that’s in what I wear, how I act, the way I live, even the way I speak, I always try to be different and original (I entirely blame Marion for this way of thinking if I’m honest). I also try and do that in my blogging, whether that’s in the way I speak, the way I present my content, even to my layout. Essentially, I want my blog to be a visual and digital representation of me. Even to the point where for ages I fought and fought about promoting my blog. I didn’t have a facebook page, I didn’t use hashtags, blogger groups were out of the question, and I didn’t use my Pinterest either. It was ridiculous guys, you have no idea. I slowly but surely ended up doing everything I do now, but I’ve only been promoting my blog the way I do for about 6 months, not even.

I’ve always been convinced that if I built it they would come (500000 cool points to anyone who gets that reference), but I now understand that it always helps. Even still, it pains me even now, because I feel like I’m going against everything I stand for.

To get on to the main point of this post. If you look at successful blogs, they all have the same pattern. The subjects don’t diverge (i.e just beauty and fashion, or just lifestyle or just home deco), the photos are all pretty and instagramable, they all have bloody adorable typography, they all have every social media platform imaginable and promote on there too. To be honest it’s not just bigger blogs, there’s a lot of blogs in general are very predictable. It’s so rare to find a different blog post, they all seem the same nowadays. I find myself craving new and exciting content that doesn’t sound the same as about 6 blog posts I’ll have read before.

I feel like a lot of people do the same as everyone else simply because they’re scared. It’s hard to do something that is different simply because it’s hard to get out there and get known without doing the same thing as everyone else. It’s kind of a vicious circle.

I mean, I don’t necessarily need to promote like I do, but then I wouldn’t be able to actually to grow my audience and share my crap with everyone else. In my opinion, blogging is a hard thing to be successful at. On Youtube, for example, it’s more conveniant (and less at the same time, I guess) because everyone is on the same platform and there’s only one place to find everyone, where as in blogging? There’s people all over the place. Blogger, WordPress, Squarespace, with their own domain name, without it, everyone’s scattered all over the place and you do end up relying on social media and so truly you do end up relying on social media to promote your blog and to keep readers updated.

It keeps going around in my mind, would it be possible to have a successful blog without actually doing what everyone else is doing? Or is it inevitable that I need to be like everyone else? I really hope not. I like not necessarily sticking to just beauty, fashion and lifestyle and talking about different things that matter to me. I don’t want to just do product reviews and hauls – it just seems so boring to me. I’m the most indecisive person ever, I don’t have one style, and if my blog is a digital representation of me, then I don’t want to make my blog have one style or one subject.

Like I said, I don’t have a real conclusion to this, I just wanted to talk about this. I’d love to hear you guys’ thoughts on this because this is something that really interests me.

Matti x

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July/August Favourites | Matti May Hardie

Hey all, how’s you?

Do I really need an intro to this anymore? Another month, another set of favourites. Let’s do this!

No7 “Moisture Drench” Lipstick in Shiny Conker


I’ve found, lost, and then found this lipstick for ages now and I’m so in love. It’s such a gorgeous colour and the consistency is amazing and I shall be very sad when I run out.


Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 21.30.12


I may or may not have finished all 10 seasons of Friends in about a month and a half. Probably did, though. I don’t even think there’s any point in me explaining what it’s about because everyone knows it; I just sadly wasn’t part of the Friends generation so I had to jump on the bandwagon now and had a well deserved binge.

Sephora Lip Stain in 13 Marvelous Mauve


This. I mean, this. This is honestly amazing and I’m in love and just wooooow. The formula’s amazing, it doesn’t peel, it applies really easily and sets beautifully. I did do the eating test with it and it doesn’t stand up in that so don’t even bother wearing it for a meal because you’ll end up with a really sexy ring of death around your lips. Plus this colour is just perfect and makes me want to weep for how instagramable it is.



Bit of an odd one but over this past month I’ve developped a passion for coffee. I entirely blame my friend Théa for this because she slept at my appartment and the morning after we had a coffee and well… that was the end of that, wasn’t it! I sometimes actually find myself reaching for coffee instead of tea sometimes which is a new and strange feeling as I’m usually a tea all the way kind of girl.

Tigi Bedhead ‘Colour Godess’ Shampoo and Conditionner Set


As I’ve already mentionned, in June I did my mandatory month of work placement in a hair salon for my course. The salon I did it in stocked Tigi products and as a thank you at the end they gave me this set and, loving Tigi as I do, avoided using it until absolutely necessary. When I did, I fell in love immediately. My hair smells of caramel and is soft as fuck. Since Tigi is a professional brand instead of a commercial one (basically it’s aimed at actual hairdressers instead of regular people) the composition is different and it makes my hair actually feel so much cleaner. Though fare warning if you do decide to buy some (I so recommend Tigi it’s so fucking good) then you don’t need to use as much since it’s more concentrated. Plus they cater for every kind of hair you could think of which I think is really cool. (This isn’t sponsored or anything I just really really love Tigi products!).


I’m not really a hat person. I love hats, but they don’t really love me. I just don’t suit them which is kind of shit, but then I tried my friends snapback on and HOLY MOLY I’M IN LOVE. I think it’s the pixie cut that does it or so my friend’s cousin told me, so I am now searching for a snapback because I love me a hat (especially when my hair simply isn’t cooperating). If anyone knows where to find some inexpensive snapbacks let me know as it’d be much appreciated.

Crazy Factory

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 22.16.26


I mentionned in my latest haul that I had bought a few things from Crazy Factory, and I’ve since fallen in love. They do everything from piercings to ear stretchers to fake and real jewelry. It basically has everything you could ever wish for and it’s a lot more alternative than anything I’ve seen before. Plus, their prices are so affordable, even though you do have to pay for postage, but they also ship internationally, which is always a plus. I do tend to just avoid it at all costs though because whenever I go on there I see the new stuff they have and get an uncontrollable urge to spend money!


I’ve been struggling with my anxiety quite a bit recently and I’ve actually found that meditation really helps. I keeps me centered and generally just helps me just leave my brain for a bit and go to this state where I’m really disassociated and it really does feel good. You can do it yourself but I downloaded the Calm.com app and they have the most amazing meditation and relaxation programs that work amazingly.

Agust D Mixtape



Right so I try and keep anything k-pop-related to my k-pop blog but I couldn’t stop myself because I’ve basically been obsessed since it was released. It’s by my favourite in BTS (Suga) and everyone’s been waiting for so long for it but it was totally worth the wait. You can listen to it here and see what I thought about it here.

I didn’t have as many favourites as planned over these couple of months. It’s probably due to the fact that I haven’t done much seeing over the summer holidays (how thrilling my life is – welcome to behind the scenes of a blogger!)

Matti x

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Blogging Tips: Photography | Matti May Hardie

Hey all, how’s you?

Photography is one of the most important parts of blogging. Photos can make or break a post and can be the be all and end all of your blog looking professional or not. But have no fear, Matti is here to help. On this post I’m going to run through some tips I’ve picked up over the 2 years I’ve been blogging.

This is quite a rambly post since photography is something I love to talk about so forgive me and grab a cup of tea or a beverage before hand.

SW_Jordan McQueen

So first, I’m going to state the obvious when I say ‘well, the main thing you need in photography is a camera’ no shit, Matti! It is true, though. The most important thing for decent photography is a decent camera.

Now, I know what you’re going to say – “but Matti I don’t have enough money to buy myself a fancy camera! Plus, I don’t even know if I’m that invested in blogging…” – and I hear you. I use my phone to take most of my blog photos (iPhone 5S by the way) and that work’s great once you know how to make the most of what you have. Obviously, the dream for a lot of bloggers is to have a Canon EOS 80D, I mean, I’d kill for one! Alas, like many other people, I don’t quite have the funds in my piggy bank to buy one, or even a DSLR camera in any shape or form, so you’ve got to learn to get the most out of what you do have.

1/ Know Your Stuff

One of the things that’s going to help you the most is learning about everything you’re handling. If you do have a DSLR camera, then read the manual (don’t lie to me and say you already have, I don’t believe you for a second!) and find something that you can photograph to practise. If you have different lenses to the one that comes with the camera, learn about them too. The secret to this is just read up. You’ll have more than enough material on the internet to help you out.

Another thing you should probably read up on is photography techniques and how to master them. Where the best place to take your photos are, how the light affects the photo (especially when you’re alone taking outfit photos and you’re having to rely on the thing on your phone’s camera that does the thing with the light (that’s the professional term)). I have a folder with about 50-odd posts in my “Blogging” collection on Bloglovin’. You can find that here if you’re interested.

2/ Background

The perfect background depends on what kind of photo you’re taking. It also depends what kind of blog you have. If your blog is very pink and kiche and girly, add some fluffy shit; if your blog is minimalistic and very clean and white, then I’d suggest a clean white background (the BILLY bookcase from IKEA is perfect for that) with minimal props. Each blogger’s photography style is very particular to them, their blog and it’s design. Just have a play around with backgrounds, props and that kind of thing until you find something you’re satisfied with.

3/ Lighting

Even if you’re using a shitty camera, or even your phone, if you have good lighting, it really can change a photo. It improves the quality and makes your photo pop a lot more. Plus, (obvious alert) it will make it easier to see the product you’re promoting if the lighting is good.

4/ Cropping

So you’ve got the photo, the quality is good, the props and backgroud are on fleak and the lighting beautiful – now how should you crop it? What are the right dimensions for a blog photo? Well, again, this is down to preference, but I tend to use the “Square” feature on the iPhone camera as I quite like the Instagram-type feel but really you can make it whichever dimensions you’d like.

5/ Editing

When it comes to editing, there’s a fine line between well edited and too edited. It’s an art form, truely it is. This art, however, I can sadly not teach you. You just have to sniff it out yourself. I use either PicMonkey or Fotor, depending on if I have wifi and my mood.

If you guys have any other questions about blog photography then don’t hesitate and I shall enlighten you as best as I can, and as usual I encourage any other bloggers or photography buffs to share your wisdom in the comments section.

Matti x

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